Jim Sammons
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Read what just a few of our customers have to say about the La Jolla Kayak Fishing experience.

Brian Crill
Brian Crill again

Jim thanks for being part of me getting into yak fishing. I have spent hundreds of hours fishing, hooping and diving from my kayak since July of 06. My kayak helped me get through a horrible 6 month medical treatment. My yak has given me, a 14 year veteran x commercial fisherman, access to my love of the ocean. I would enjoy to fishing Mexico with you sometime. Attached are a few pictures of my hooping results this year I have released a 5 and 7 pounder. Thanks Jim and Aloha
Brian Crill - Santa Barbara

Brian Ticehurst

Hi Jim,
I wanted to say thanks a lot for your efforts toward the trip. I had to rush off in a hurry and did not get to say a proper thanks and goodbye. After having been to Baja a number of times on my own boats, but not having been in a few years, this trip re-kindled my love for being on the water down there. The hotel was a laid back atmosphere and was pretty cool. Catching the big tuna was quite a thrill and a story I will tell many times!
Please let me know about July dates. I may have interest in that trip as I believe I will be in Hawaii next Oct. I'd love to get photos and or dvd of our trip. Let me know if any cost is involved. Thanks again!
Brian Ticehurst

I want to thank you for the great trip. Having never been outside a harbor on a kayak, this was a fantastic experience. I was so in awe of being out there that you had to remind me to keep a line in the water!
Without your guidance, I never would have paid attention to all of the signs of potential fish. Though I knew about watching for bird activity, I never thought you could hear the boiling fish from so far away. When we got on top of the macs and bonita, I thought I was watching Discovery HD. The sight and sound was incredible with a fish on just about every cast. I'm glad I had a single hook on the croc as it made for quick clean releases.
With reports from surrounding boats of it being absolutely dead, I sure had lots of fun. That sand bass you got was bragging size and the rock fish was nice as well.
Since I usually paddle my Cobra Tandem as a single, I appreciated the use of your Prowler. It definitely was more responsive and comfortable.
With your tips and those from contributors on the kayak4fish forum, I'll be shopping for the right gear and then will return to get more time on the water.
Thanks again,

John Schloz

Just wanted to let you know how much my Dad and I enjoyed being out with you on the SD Bay last Thursday. We had a great time. Thank you for being a good teacher and a great guy to fish with. Looking forward to doing a surf class and may be some open water in the future.
However, the drive back to Phoenix the same day will not be repeated. Beer and laughs should follow fishing, not a 5 hour drive.
Thanks Again,
John Schloz

Dave S

Jim, Thank you for the great pics. It was really fun seeing how much I enjoyed myself fishing with your group. I think the fishing was better than expected. I should have known though, when fishing the East Cape region, probably the best fisherie in the world, to be ready for anything. Your knowledge of the fishing there really made the trip enjoyable. I learned so much. I really look forward to my next vacation to the Hotel Punta Colorada (excellent accomodations, food, and service) with La Jolla Kayak Fishing. Kayak fishing is so exciting. I would reccomend it to anyone who loves to fish. I am going to purchase an Ocean Kayak, Prowler/angler soon.
Thank you,
Dave S.

Kurt Schindler

What can I say about these Baja trips except Trip of a Lifetime. Five minutes after launching my kayak, there was a marlin jumping 20 feet off the bow of my boat. Unfortunately, I wasn't the one who hooked it, but the trip only got better from there. Every day at least one billfish was caught by someone in our group, and it was the norm to have more than one. And after the days fishing against the big boys, it was great to be able to launch the kayak from the hotel beach and just cruise along the beautiful coastline, enjoying the warm water and balmy weather. A truly unforgettable experience.
Kurt Schindler

Scott Demoss

Many thanks once again for an unreal trip -- I will definitely spread the word and will certainly be back for another go next year. Let me know the dates as soon as you have them nailed down -- I don't want to miss out on the fun.
My expectations were pretty great before I headed down to Mexico to join you on this trip. However, never in my wildest dream did I ever expect my first kayak fish to be a 100+ pound marlin. And when I did hook up (after only about 10 to 15 minutes in the water), your experience really shined as you worked with me to make sure we didn't lose this great fish. Your wit, humour, and timely "prodding" during the fight and subsequent fights with the giant squid made the whole experience that much more memorable. When we weren't fishing, trading life stories with the group and other guests was pretty damn funny.
Any fishing trip where the running joke is "Man, the fishing here stinks -- all you catch is billfish!" is truely epic. Thanks for making it happen.
-Scott DeMoss

As posted on the LJKF fishing forum
I want to thank you again for the surf class on Saturday. It taught me so much more about my kayak. I knew that I was going to learn how to get safely out through the surf and back to the beach, what I did not expect was all the other useful information that you taught us. I have always felt comfortable paddling my kayak in the ocean, now I am confident that in any situation that might come about I'll know what to do.
For those of you that have not taken this class it's a must do.
Steve (landwhale)

Jim that goes for me to. I learned a lot, and am now much more confident when going threw the surf. Plus just learning how to surf a yak was fun in itself...thanks again
landwhale nice to meet you, hope to see you down this way again.
Everyone who owns a kayak should take this class. Jim will teach you things you never even thought of. Take the class

As posted on the LJKF forum
Take Jim's Surf Clinic.
I've been out on my kayak several times - paddling was no problem, sitting and fishing was pretty easy. My tough times were
1) Trying to land in a surf without getting dumped;
2) Trying to get to my stowed gear without feeling like I was going to fall in;
3) Fear of falling in and not being able to self-rescue;
4) Not knowing how to help someone else (like my son) if he were in trouble on his kayak.
I took the Surf Clinic on Saturday, and Jim addressed all of these issues and many more. And it was FUN! Jim had me crawling all over my kayak, from the very front tip to the very back - to "get to know it and its limitations". Something I'll bet many of you have not done. Other things covered: how to propel your yak if your paddle gets away from you, how to empty a flooded yak on the water, how to get back on your yak if you're too tired for the normal self-rescue (this is a trick I never would have thought of, but makes so much sense), flared or straight paddle, approaches to many different wind and current situations.
There was no surf at the LJ boat launch, so we paddled north beyond the pier. We found waves, all right. Jim dropped down the face of one BIG wave and I couldn't see him on the other side of it for a sec. He took the bigger waves; I took their little brothers... I'd say he fared better than I, but it was really fun, and I think I'm starting to "get" his bracing and leaning techniques.
Sorry to babble, but I know there are people who read these boards other than those of you who are completely comfortable on their yaks, and I want to HIGHLY recommend the Surf Clinic to them. It will make a world of difference to my confidence level (already has) and I'm sure I'll feel safe going further and being more adventurous with the yak.
Thanks Jim! You are a good man. And as personable (and funny) as people have said you are.

Hey Jim,
I received the custom gaff I ordered the other day and, as expected, it really met my expectations - a beautifully designed, custom-made, quality gaff. Awesome. And beautiful.
thanks, Adam Santa Barbara

Letter to Ocean Kayak
I'm a kayak fisherman based in San Diego. I own an OK Malibu 2 and a Tarpon 120 by Wilderness Systems. I've recently been searching for something longer and a bit more capable of handling rough open ocean conditions than my current kayaks. I telephoned local kayak fishing guide Jim Sammons to discuss my options. Everyone around here knows how highly Jim thinks of the Ocean Kayak line of boats. Jim openly and honestly discussed the benefits and shortcomings of several fishing friendly kayaks, but concluded by saying the Prowler is the best all around choice for fishing in Southern California or anywhere else. Then Jim did something that surprised me; he offered to loan me his personal Prowler kayak so I could see for myself on an extended test paddle. I had Jim's Prowler for three days. I was so impressed with Jim's generosity that I wanted to tell you about it.
The opportunity to paddle the Prowler proved to me its value as a fishing platform. It may not be perfect, but it is very good. Jim's action likely sold me the boat. I thought you should know what a great asset Ocean Kayak has in San Diego in Jim Sammons.
Sincerely Paul L.

I would like to comment on your special effort and kindness to take poor seasick Jason home. Your help was a truly a major statement about how your guide service puts the safety and comfort of customers first!! Thanks again for the great outing. I am super-complimentary, as usual, of your outstanding service.

We saw Chris's picture on your Website. That is so cool. You can sign us up now for your August trip next year. We want to go when the fishing is hotter (as if it wasn't good enough then). Thanks again for everything that you did for us. It was the trip of a lifetime!
Jen aka Connie

Dear Jim:
Just want to thank you for another great trip last weekend (see the pic!). I had a terrific time and learned so much about this fantastic sport. In my trips with you, I'm batting 1,000 (2 quality yellowtail for 2 trips).
There's a ton of stuff to learn about kayak fishing in order to safely enjoy the sport. Thanks to you, I zoomed up the learning curve and am now much more skilled and confident on the water than before. Also, I can now show my doubting friends proof of the huge yellowtail caught by kayakers just off La Jolla Shores.
For the best education on kayak fishing, everyone should have at least one outing with you.
See you on the water!
Norman Orida

I Just got back from your class at Allen's Kayaks. Had a fantastic time and learned a lot!
Thanks James D.

Enjoyed the class today and think I got a lot out of it.
Thanks Chris

Hey Jim-
What a treat it was to have you guide us. You are a fine fisherman, a fine kayaker, and a decent person. Despite mixed up conditions, and our cluster bumbles with bait casters (and even spin gear in my case :-)), you were patient and gracious at every turn.
Needless to say, we are fans, and we'd recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat. We did just that when we walked into Andy Montana's in Coronado.
I know I can speak for my friend Toyooki here... but we'd do it all over again without hesitation. Next time, it will be in Baja... minus the backlashes!!!
Thank you Jim,
John Torres

Chris and I have been on two of Jim's trips to the East Cape. Both trips were amazing. The weather was great. Fishing was excellent and it was one of the most fun relaxing trips I've ever taken. We have decided it will be a trip we take every year.
The panga captain that was with us on both trips was Alonzo. He is a great guy and really wants you to catch the fish. Our first trip was the first time that Jim had actually made the trip down to the East Cape. Alonzo had no idea what these "loco gringos" were thinking by towing these kayaks out to blue water to fish off them instead of the boat, but he laughed at us, hooked the boats up and did it anyway. After we had hooked into a few big fish, he was all about getting us out to blue water and hooting and hollering as we got towed around by some huge fish. We caught many different fish. It was always exciting to see what you were going to pull up. We caught Roosters, Pargo, Pampano, Triggers, Puffers, Ladyfish, Dorado, pretty much anything you can imagine. The trip this year, we were lucky enough to be there when Jim landed his first Billfish from the kayak. What a thrill.
The hotel has rooms for the fisherman that wants to save money and doesn't really care what the room looks like or suites if you want to have more of a "hotel" experience and bring the family. They can accommodate both. The food is great. Buffet style breakfast and dinner. Lunch is served either sit down in the dining room or they can pack a bag lunch for you if you are out on the boats. Just down from the hotel are some great reefs for snorkeling.
And I can't leave out Jim. He is the greatest guy you could ever meet and would do anything for you. We cannot say enough about this guy. He's the greatest. His dry sense of humor and great story telling abilities kept us up until the late hours telling stories of fishing escapades.
I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone. Once you take it, you'll be hooked - literally!

A belated and big thank you for the great Baja trip this past October 2004. You were most patient and encouraging with me and my new fishing gear. I felt very comfortable fishing with the "all male" group and you and Alonzo (panga guide) deserve the credit. You are a very skilled and competent fisherman and I learned a lot from you. I really enjoyed the trip and hopefully will make another in 2005. Thanks again for the great time fishing.
Teresa O'Malley

Hey Jim!
I just got through watching the video of our great trip to Baja- great job! Watching on the PC I was able to do a few freeze frames towards the end - there is some great stuff there! Loved the shots of my Sailfish jumping.
Thanks for helping relive the memory - I'll be watching it a lot over the cold winter months!
Very best regards